Cool bike helmet with a good fit, good ventilation and a mudguard that protects from sun and rain in the eyes

Product Specification
€ 60

HAM304000 Flow-blue-turquoise2

Smart features

  • Rear lights

    On the back of the helmet, a light is integrated that provides extra visibility and safety. This light has three different settings to choose from; off, solid light, or flashing light.

    304014 Flow Pink-purple 52-57 back with light
  • Contrasting colors

    Both the mesh and mudguard on the helmet come in a lighter contrasting color, giving a more stylish and modern look.

    304015 Flow Blue-turquoise 52-57 front-side

Product Specification

  • Properties
  • User manuals and instructions
  • Light (flashing + solid) for better visibility at the back of the helmet
  • Shade that gives your child good shielding from the sun and weather
  • Good ventilation
  • Inmold with full coverage plastic shell

  • Material: Polycarbonate/EPS inmolded
  • Size: 52-57 cm
  • Weight: 275 g