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Ski set for Breeze, Cocoon and Outback

Exploring nature with their children is a joy that parents greatly appreciate. While keeping up with the little ones can be a good workout in itself, there's hardly anything that beats a relaxing walk in the great outdoors, regardless of the weather and season. With a multisport stroller, outdoor experiences become even more accessible and comfortable, whether in the summer or in the middle of the winter cold

Publisert: 6/20/2024

Once winter has taken over the landscape, Hamax proves to be a versatile companion for families looking to stay active outdoors. A bike trailer is not only ideal for cycling, it also works great as a stroller on the white roads of winter, and not least on ski trips.

The practical ski sets for Breeze/Cocoon and Outback are easily assembled by removing the wheels and clicking on the skis. The Madshus skis, with their solid and light core, fit perfectly to the wagon and ensure a smooth and comfortable ride in the snow. The drawbar is mounted at the front, in the same way as the bike arm and the stroller/jog wheel. The hinged bar reduces the strain on your hips when pulling the stroller, so you can enjoy the ride without undue discomfort.

HAM400201 Hamax Breeze white skiing4

A smart and practical detail is the placement of the harness, which can be worn under the jacket. This makes it easy to take the jacket on and off when needed. And when it's time for a well-deserved break, you can rest assured that your stroller will remain stable and secure. It does not tilt forwards, thus ensuring optimal sleeping comfort for the child.

HAM400201 Hamax Breeze white skiing3

With the ski set mounted, everything is set up for a fresh and wonderful trip in the snow. 

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