Bike seat checklist to ensure a safe and comfortable ride

It is important to make sure that the equipment is in order before you set out on a bike ride with your child. Here are a few things to check before you begin.

Publisert: 6/20/2024

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Adjust the seat belt: Make sure that the seat belt is properly adjusted according to the child's height. It should be tight enough to hold the child securely in place, but at the same time not be too tight and uncomfortable. 

Shoulder straps: Check that shoulder straps fit correctly and cannot slide down from the child's shoulders during the ride. This will help ensure that the child remains secured in the seat.

Footrests: Adjust the footrests to the correct height and fasten them securely. This will give your child a comfortable and stable position during the bike ride.

Safety indicators on frame mounted seats: Make sure that the safety indicators on the mount show that the bike seat is properly attached. A green indicator indicates that the seat is safely and securely attached to the bike.

Wear a helmet: Both children and adults should always wear a helmet during bike rides. Adults should be a good role model for children.

Supervision of the child: Never leave your child alone in the bike seat. Keep in mind that the bike kickstand footrest is not sufficient support to keep the bike stable with a child in the seat.

With these precautions in place, you and your child can enjoy a safe and enjoyable bike ride together.