Questions & Answers

Here we have collected the answers to the most common questions!

  • Can I jog with the baby seat installed in the bike trailer?

    Yes, the baby seat can be used when the stroller is used as a jogging stroller. Hamax does not recommend cycling with the baby seat with children in it.

  • Can I ride with the baby seat installed in the bike trailer?

    You should not cycle with a baby seat installed in a bicycle trailer.

  • Why is it not recommended to ride a bike with a baby in a bike trailer?

    Cycling with a baby in a bike trailer may seem like a convenient way to take your child on outdoor rides, but there are several important safety considerations to consider. The child should be robust before being exposed to unevenness combined with the high speed that cycling with a stroller entails.

  • Does the Hamax Baby Seat fit all Hamax bike trailers?

    A, The seat can be used on all bike trailers. In caravans produced from 2021 onwards, a small hole has been made in the wall behind the seats, so that you can pull the attachment strap through. The instruction manual describes how to attach the baby seat to both new and older strollers.

  • How long trips can I take with children in the baby seat?

    The same rules as with car seats apply to the baby seat. Infants should not sit in the baby seat for more than 1 – max. 2 hours at a time. Then they must be allowed to stretch and move their muscles before you possibly continue the walk. Feel free to confer with the public health nurse about this.

  • Is there room for another child in the stroller if I have a double stroller and the baby seat is installed?

    Yes, there is room for an extra child in a double stroller even if a baby seat is installed. Hamax double strollers are designed to accommodate multiple children, and there is plenty of room for both a baby seat and another child. 

  • Is there room for two baby seats next to each other?

    If you need two baby seats, you can easily place them next to each other. This gives you the opportunity to transport two babies comfortably at the same time.

  • Can you use a Hamax bike trailer as a sled?

    Outback, Breeze and Cocoon can be used as a sled by purchasing an additional ski set.

  • Do any of the Hamax bike trailers have adjustable seat backrests?

    Yes, several models have adjustable seat backs to provide optimal comfort to passengers during the trip.

    The Breeze, Cocoon and Outback bike trailer are the models that offer adjustable seat backs. The seats can be adjusted in three different positions, so you can adapt them to your child's needs and preferences.

    The Breeze and Cocoon also stand out by offering individually adjustable seat backs. This allows for even more customization, especially if you have several children traveling together, or if your child prefers a specific sitting position along the way.

  • I have an older version baby seat (HAM490012). Can it be used in all Hamax bike trailers?

    No, this version can only be used on the Outback and Avenida models.

  • What is the lower age limit for using the baby seat in the bike trailer?

    There is no lower age limit for the use of the baby seat in the bike trailer. However, we recommend that the baby seat is only used in stroller mode and not behind a bike.

  • Can the height of all Hamax multifunctional strollers be adjusted?

    Yes, all Hamax tailers allow for handle height adjustment, although methods may vary. The handle height of the Outback and Avenida strollers can be infinitely adjusted up and down, so you can find the most comfortable height for you. Traveller trolleys can be adjusted by turning it upside down, allowing you to choose between two different positions for the handle. Adjusting the handle height gives you the ability to adapt the stroller to your height and comfort level, and it also makes it easier to share the stroller between different caregivers who may have different heights. .

  • Should the children wear a helmet in the bike trailer?

    All children sitting in a bike trailer must wear a bicycle helmet when cycling. It is important to choose a helmet that fits well and is properly attached to the child's head. When walking and rolling, the child does not need to wear a helmet, then it is like when using a regular stroller.

  • What should I think about when cycling with children in a bike trailer?

    When riding with children in a bike trailer, there are several important things to consider to ensure both their comfort and safety. Make sure that the children are wearing a helmet and are securely fastened in the seat. Always check that the flag is mounted. Make sure that the bike trailer is properly mounted on the bike. Make sure that the children are wearing appropriate clothing and that they are comfortable during the trip. Always bring enough water. Obey all traffic rules and be aware of your surroundings. 

  • I have worn out/lost a part for my Hamax bike trailer, can I get a new one?

    Most parts can be replaced, please contact your nearest Hamax dealer.

    Tip! In our overview of spare parts, you can easily find the different spare parts' article numbers, it may be a good idea to bring this with you to your dealer.