Privacy Policy


This page gives you an overview on what tools uses to track the usage of the website. We also explain why we do so.

All information gathered on is anonymous. We can not identify you as a person.

If you wish to receive more information about the privacy policy at, feel free to reach out to

What do you mean by “tracking”?

Every visit made to is tracked and stored anonymously. This means that we can look at information from site usage and analyse the content.

Hamax does so to create a better service and user journey. For us to give you the best possible experience when on the site, we need to understand what we can do better.

You can compare this to for example a museum where visitors walk around looking at the exhibit. The person in charge of positioning the art pieces notices that very few people are visiting one of the exhibit rooms. He analyses the visitor movements, and takes action. He puts up a sign leading visitors into the room, and the problem is solved.

For us it’s the same. If we have an interesting article or product that you could be interested in, we need to understand how we can guide you in the right direction.

To get a better understanding of who visits the site, we also track different data, like what country and city a visitor is in, what age group he or she belongs to and what articles or products that person is visiting.

This and similar information can not identify you in any way.

So what kind of tools do you use for this tracking?

The most important tool for us is Google Analytics. This is a tool that presents a lot of different data about how visitors on interact with the website.

There are hundreds of different metrics connected to Google Analytics. You can visit this article if you want to see the whole list of what they are and what they do.

Hamax uses only a few of them, such as geographical location (city and country), number of pages viewed, time on site, pages visited, operating system used, age group, acquisition and so on.

A specific visit is not important for us. What we look at is the average of all visits within a group. A group can be for example a country, a city or an age group. has pixels installed. These pixels, connected to Google and Facebook, are a way for us to reach you in other channels with advertising, like social media or on a website presenting ads.

But what about tools that don’t track users, but asks us for personal information?

On we will only ask for your personal information if strictly necessary. Hamax does not give or sell any personal information to any third party.

If you use a form on our site, for example for getting in touch with our customer service, we will also ask for personal information. This is so we can get in touch with you. The tool that we use for collecting information through forms is Gravity Forms.

Hamax does not store personal information longer than absolutely necessary. If you want us to delete information connected to you, feel free to get in touch with