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How to teach your dog to be in a bike trailer

It is important to give the dog a good experience of the dog trailer from the first moment. Take your time, and let the dog get to know the trailer well

Publisert: 6/20/2024

  1. Indoor introduction: Start by introducing the dog to the bike trailer indoors. Do not mount the wheels yet, and if necessary, leave the stroller on a rug or blanket to protect the floor. Leave all entrances open, and let the dog explore the trailer. Feel free to put a treat or a toy inside the trailer to make the experience positive. Reward your dog as they enter the stroller, and make it a fun activity.
  1. Mount the wheels: Once the dog is confident in the trailer, mount the wheels. Put on the parking brake and let the dog continue exploring the trailer with the wheels on. Continue to reward and encourage the dog to enter the trailer. This is supposed to be fun! Make sure that the trailer does not move the first few times the dog jumps in.
  1. Practice sitting/lying in the trailer: Let the dog sit or lie in the trailer while you move around the room a bit. Gradually close the entrances to the trailer and reward the dog for being calm.
  1. Moving the trailer: Once the dog is comfortable sitting in the trailer while stationary, begin to gently move the trailer around. Be calm and positive throughout the process, as your dog will pick up on your mood. Continue the reward when the dog is calm.
  1. Outdoor training: Once the dog is confident in being in the trailer while moving, you can move the training outdoors. Repeat the exercises of jumping in and out of the trailer and sitting in the trailer while rolling it gently.
  1. Connecting the bike: Once the dog is comfortable with the trailer and its movements, you can connect it to the bike. Start by rolling the bike as you walk alongside, and gradually start cycling gently in small stages.
  1. Keep an eye on the dog: Always keep an eye on the dog in the trailer while riding. Feel free to use a mirror on the bike to monitor your dog's behavior and comfort. Remember to bring water for the dog during the trip.

By taking the time to introduce your dog to the bike trailer in a positive and gradual way, you will help create a safe and comfortable experience for them.

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