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Bring your kids on your training trips

As a parent, it can be challenging to find time for exercise, especially when the children are young and the days are busy. But being active is important for both body and mind, and it is possible to combine exercise with taking care of the children. With a multisport stroller, you have the flexibility to adapt your training to the weather conditions and terrain, so you can always find a suitable activity.

Publisert: 6/20/2024

Walk: An easy way to get exercise is to take the kids for a walk. Put on comfortable shoes, put the kids in the stroller, and walk to the nearest park or playground. A 15-minute walk can give you an energy boost and improve your mood. If the children get tired along the way, they can sit in the stroller while you continue the walk.

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Bike ride: A bike ride is fun for the whole family. If the children are too young to ride on their own, they can sit in a bike trailer or a bike seat. This is a great way to be active together and at the same time teach children new skills. Bike rides can also be combined with everyday errands such as shopping for groceries.

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Jogging: If you like jogging, you can continue with it even if you have children. A jog with the kids in the stroller can be a great way to get some exercise and fresh air. Children can be entertained with toys or music while jogging. Adjustable suspension on the trailer ensures a comfortable ride for both children and adults.

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Cross-country skiing: In winter, you can take the children on cross-country skiing. If the children are too young to ski alone, you can use one of the strollers that can be converted into a sled. This provides children with comfort and protection from the weather while enjoying the ride. When the children get older and want to try skiing, they can hold the handle and get help on uphills, and brake on downhills.

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Weekend trip: Plan a weekend getaway with the whole family for a longer and more active experience. It doesn't have to be expensive or complicated - a walk in nature or camping in the local area can be both social and fun. This gives you the opportunity to explore new places and make memories together.

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Exercising with the kids is not only good for the body, it's also a great way to spend time together and create good habits for the future.

So get out there and enjoy the active lifestyle with the whole family!