Twist Blade

The Sno Blade is the first wheeled toboggan that can drive backwards, and with unique handling and directional control, you can really challenge your comrades on the slopes.

Equipped with a robust frame, solid foot brake and a steering spring that turns the snow racing steering sledge and stops if you fall off. Snow racing has an angle on the front ski and a grip on the steering wheel that provides good steering and speed, even in loose snow!

Product Specification
€ 110

Product Specification

Technical Specification
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Vekt 6.20 kg
Specifications translations..LengthText 1.25 m
Sertifisering CE
Rammemateriale Cold resistant High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)/steel
Maks vekt 70 + 20 kg
Anbefalt alder + 8 years
  • Won best in test on TV2 helps you in 2021
  • Snow racing toboggan with Twin-tip skis
  • Solid steel frame
  • Unique racing grip on the steering wheel that provides enhanced grip, handling and directional control
  • Uniquely designed glide pattern and ski angle for unique ride and turn characteristics
  • Foot brake
  • Safety spring that swings the toboggan and stops if you fall off