Maxi Mattress

With a solid glide material, you have a product with a long lifespan, which provides many nice play times on the slopes. The toboggan mat is easy to carry/drag up the hill. It is guaranteed to be a favorite on the slopes with its cool design.

Several practical handles make it possible to choose different sitting/lying positions for varied sledding. Excellent also as an insulated seat mat on the snow.

Product Specification
€ 90

Product Specification

Technical Specification
  • Technical Specification
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Vekt 1.70 kg
Specifications translations..LengthText 1.20 m
Sertifisering CE
Rammemateriale Reinforced PVC/PE foam
Maks vekt 120 kg
Anbefalt alder + 3 years
  • Three sets of handles for several people
  • Sturdy construction and durable material
  • Playful design