Carrier adapter

Mounting plate with shock absorber for a comfortable bike ride for the child.

Product Specification
€ 40


Smart features

  • Integrated suspension

    Integrated suspension ensures maximum comfort for the child.

    HAM553111 Hamax Caress back
  • Mounts on a luggage rack

    The mounting plate allows the seat to be mounted on the existing luggage rack.

    HAM553111 Hamax Caress suspension up

Product Specification

  • Properties
  • Compatible products
  • Fits luggage trays between 120 - 180 mm
  • The pipes must be round and between 10 - 20 mm
  • Integrated suspension for maximum comfort for the child
  • To be attached to the bagasse board, in accordance with EN ISO 11243:2016
  • The luggage rack must be approved for 27 kg

Suitable for

  • This mounting plate is compatible with:
    • Caress bicycle seats manufactured after 5/23
    • Zenith bicycle seats manufactured after 6/23